Forms and publications

We try to keep it to a minimum, but in this business there's no avoiding the forms!

Hopefully you'll find everything you need here, but if you're after something we don't have please give us a call on 1300 886 123 or drop us a line at

Useful forms

Join Form

Please make sure you read our brochure and cover guides before completing the form or joining online.

Claim Form

Use this form for all types of claims. Print out and complete the form by hand, or fill in your details on screen then print, sign and send it in by email, fax or mail.

Cover Change Form

Complete this form to change your level of cover or to make a change to the people covered by your membership.

Third Party Authority

This is handy. It lets you nominate someone who can make changes, ask about claims and generally manage your membership in case you're away or otherwise not able to do it yourself.

Partner Authority

If you have a 'couples' or 'family' membership, the nominated 'partner' doesn't automatically get authority to make changes, enquiries or claims. Give your partner full authority by completing this form, or do it instantly in our online member centre. The only thing he or she won't be able to do is cancel or suspend the membership.

Direct Debit

Use this form to set up an automatic direct debit from your bank, building society or credit union account, or from your MasterCard or Visa.

Print out and complete the form by hand, or fill in your details on screen then print, sign and send it in by email, fax or mail.

Salary Deduction

This one is so easy. Pay for your health cover direct from your salary. Please check with your employer to make sure there is a salary deduction plan in place before you choose this option and if they don't have one, ask them to give us a call.

Student Dependant

Your kids are covered by your family membership until they're 21. After that, they can stay on your cover at no extra cost up until the age of 25 if they qualify as a 'student dependant'.

Suspend Cover

Travelling overseas? You can't take your cover with you, but you may be able to suspend it while you're away. See all the terms and conditions on page 2 of this form.

Rebate Tier Nomination

If you're not currently receiving the government rebate as a reduction in your contributions you can change your rebate option any time.

Brochure and A-Z guide

Fact sheets

Going to Hospital

Everything you need to know, do and ask when planning your stay.

How Hospital Cover Excess Works

Choosing to take hospital cover with an excess is a way for you to reduce the cost of your cover, without reducing the level of cover you have.

10 things you should know, do and remember

These 10 things account for the most common issues members have with their health cover.

How to claim your Orthodontic benefits

Orthodontic benefits are available under our Premium Extras cover.

Having a Baby

Here's what you need to know about your health cover.

Health cover and the kids

Making sure you have everyone covered.

Paying by salary deduction

Salary deductions are a hassle-free way to pay your health cover contributions.

Tax Time

Why private health insurance is good for your health and your hip pocket.