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Our skilled optical team may be able to help you with ...

  1. Comprehensive eye examinations
  2. Glaucoma testing
  3. Diabetic eye examinations
  4. Macular degeneration check
  5. Cataract assessment
  6. Children's vision
  7. Computers and your eyes
  8. Foreign body removal
  9. Low vision
  10. Contact lenses
  11. Quality frames and lenses
  12. Frame repairs and adjustments

Comprehensive eye examinations

Do you believe that eye examinations are only necessary if your vision is blurry? Well, that’s a common misconception! At rt healthy eyes, we conduct comprehensive eye examinations for our patients, not only to ensure clear and comfortable vision, but also to check the overall health and function of the eyes.

Glaucoma testing

Glaucoma is generally a silent disease and a person can have glaucoma without knowing that it is present until it is too late. Glaucoma is more common as people age, although it can affect people of all ages (the singer, Ray Charles lost his vision by the age of seven due to glaucoma). This is why regular eye examinations are so important. Our experienced and friendly optometrists can check your eyes for glaucoma.

Click here to find out more about glaucoma from the Glaucoma Australia website.

Diabetic eye examinations

Diabetes is becoming more and more common in Australia – it is a condition that affects many parts of the body, including the eyes. With the advanced equipment at our practices, we can help to detect and diagnose diabetic changes as well as co-manage diabetes with your GP, just by looking in your eyes.

Click here to learn more about diabetes from the Diabetes Australia website.

Macular degeneration check

Macular degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in the western world and is becoming more common. This devastating condition can cause complete central blindness (which means you can only see things outside the centre of your gaze). Macular degeneration can be hereditary, but can also be linked to diet and lifestyle factors.

At rt healthy eyes, we can detect and help you manage macular degeneration so make sure you get your macula checked.

Click here for more information about macular degeneration.

Cataract assessment

There are many different types of cataract, but the most common types are linked with getting older. A person with cataracts may experience gradual clouding of the vision as the cataract grows inside the eye. Unless you have your eyes checked for cataracts, you may not be aware that they are present. Let us keep an eye on your cataracts.

Children’s vision

The eyes and how they function play a major role in development and learning. Vision is essential for learning at school and although many people are not aware of it, sometimes learning difficulties at school are due to blurry vision or problems with the eye muscles in children. If detected early, our optometrists can prescribe spectacles or eye exercises if required, to help your child.

Computers and your eyes

Today, staring at a computer screen can be a large part of the working day and leisure time for many of us. And although you may see things clearly, your eyes may be working over time to maintain this clarity. The result can be headaches and eye strain. This, in turn, can reduce productivity.

Our optometrists are experienced in assessing visual function and how that may be affecting your work and your eye health.

Foreign body removal

If you have something in your eyes that’s not meant to be there, we can help. At rt healthy eyes, our optometrists can use our specialised equipment to detect and remove foreign bodies.

Low vision

Undiagnosed and untreated eye diseases can sometimes result in permanent damage, causing low vision. Our optometrists can test for low vision and provide counselling on how to improve a person’s quality of life if they are experiencing low vision difficulties.

Contact lenses

Whether a patient requires contact lenses for cosmetic reasons, for sports or because they’re not suited for spectacles, our optometrists have extensive knowledge in the many types of contact lenses that are available. We can custom fit your contact lenses and keep you up to date with any new lens technology.

Quality frames and lenses

Come in to rt healthy eyes and browse our extensive range of high quality spectacle frames. We've got NO GAP or low out-of-pocket costs on a huge range of quality frames and lenses, including kids’ range and sunglasses.

Plus all our frames come with a minimum 12-month manufacturers’ warranty. And our expert optical team can take the stress out of choosing the right pair of frames for you, with their unique ability to match the perfect frame to your face.

Frame repairs and adjustments

Are your glasses or sunnies pinching, sliding, sitting crooked or falling apart? Bring them in for a service.

With constant wear glasses get stretched and bent out of shape, loose and grubby … drop by to see the team for a quick service. We’ll clean you up, straighten you up and get your glasses fitting like they should, all at no cost.

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