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Your kidneys are incredible filters that work constantly to remove waste compounds from your blood and eliminate them via urine. Part of your body’s detoxification system, your entire blood supply passes through your kidneys[i] in just five minutes. And, over the course of a day, between one and two litres of waste leaves your body as urine. Continue Reading

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50 of the best health tips ... ever! Ready to improve your life in 2015? Time to kick bad habits to make room for good ones? Here are 50 better health changes that you can really use to boost your health in the coming year and every year to come brought to you by the team at rt health fund! Continue Reading

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According to Nutrition Australia, Aussies will pack on between 0.8-1.5kg over the festive season. It doesn’t sound like much. But the problem is that most of us don’t shift the extra kilos during the year. When you add it all up over the years it’s no wonder Australia has a major weight problem! What with all the festive buffets and bring-a-plate get-togethers, there are plenty of chances to eat and enjoy – perhaps a little too much! So, here are seven ways that you can do both without ending up with a weight hangover when the new year arrives. Continue Reading

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Energy industry - we're here for you! The legislation has finally been formalised – rt health fund is the official industry health insurer for the energy industry! And, our first presence in this capacity came at the recent Energy Skills Queensland event. Continue Reading

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For the first time in our 125-year history, rt health fund, one of Australia’s oldest and most trusted health funds is now the official health insurer for the energy industry! Continue Reading

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