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Transport women: this is how we bring on the balance!

With so much to do and so little time to do it, stress seems to be an ever-present fact of life for many of us. And finding the time to unwind can be hard. Yet it’s so important for your health.

Alison Weatherill, key account manager from rt health fund recently attended the Transport Women Australia Limited (TWAL) conference in Victoria. She asked the delegates what they do to rest, decompress and find some balance.

Here’s what the high-powered women in our industry had to say …

Gabrielle Labbett

Gabrielle Labbett, Transport Training & Compliance Consultant

‘I love cooking healthy foods and I practice meditation and self care by taking some down time – when the opportunity presents itself that is!’

Judy Green

Judy Green, Senior Training Packaging Specialist, TLISC

For me, it’s all about rebalancing by pottering in the garden, curling up with a good book or cooking up a storm in the kitchen. But being with my boys, having the occasional massage and walking along the beach also helps to keep the stress levels at bay!’

Lauren Riley, helper at TWAL

‘I’m a teenager. I don’t have stress yet!’

Merry Manton, Authorised Representative

I love to burn essential oils for a restful, welcoming atmosphere in the house.  For ‘me time’, there is nothing as good as kicking back and relaxing with a good book!’

Fiona Riley, Administrator, TWAL                         

I find Reiki sessions every four to five weeks help to restore me. Oh, and so does playing with my dogs.’

Kaye O’Donnell, Office Manager, Epsom Express

I enjoy reading – I find it’s both restful and relaxing.’

Pam McMillan pictured with Sharon Middleton

Pam McMillan, self employed

‘Reading, listening to music, time out – including time without phones – plus travel all help me to rest, refresh and re-energise.’

Tammy Whitehead, Director, Glenara Transport

‘There are a few things that help keep me grounded – from walking to spending an hour at the spa.  I like getting outdoors, too, and enjoy whaleboat rowing and meeting up with friends for a chat. I also think it’s important to take 5 or 10 minutes of mindfulness (there is a free app for that!) when needed!’

Di Caldwell-Smith, National Manager Sales and Marketing, Diversa Group

‘To wind down, I love chilling with family, and cuddling my cat. Plus, I enjoy a good read and a pampering manicure/pedicure.’

Ian and Carol Single

Carol Single, Director/Owner, Single Transport Services

‘I love my Monday night yoga class, riding our new pushbikes with our grandchildren, and swimming.’

Lisa Acret

Lisa Acret, Membership Service Manager, QTA Ltd

Cooking, spending time with family, seeing my friends, and walking my dog all help me to relax and manage stress.’

Maria Cooper, Compliance, Fruithaul

‘Talking and enjoying time with my family, walking my dogs, spending time with my horses and quilting all help me to wind down and stress less.’

Kylie Nolan, Brand Specialist, PACCAR Australia

‘To wind down and decompress? Music, exercise and a massage!’

Jacquelene Brotherton

Jacquelene Brotherton, Transport Manager, Oxford Cold Storage    

‘To help me wind down I like regular massages and reading a good book with my cat on my lap!’

Sharon Middleton

Sharon Middleton, Director, Whiteline Transport                            

‘Stressing less, in the absence of being able to take holidays, revolves around being organised, prioritising and clocking off for an occasional facial or pamper treatment. The results are like a ‘claytons’ holiday, keeping me refreshed to deal with the constant challenges transport throws my way!’