Why insure?

What does private health insurance cover you for, and do you even need it?

Why have private health insurance?

This might seem like an unusual question for a health fund to ask but we want to make sure you get what you need, and need what you get. People fall into one of three categories when it comes to private health insurance:

  1. wouldn’t be caught without it
  2. can’t see the point of it
  3. think it seems like a good thing to have, but not completely convinced.

The reason we can be comfortable not having private health insurance in Australia is because we have a very good public health system, and as Australian residents we get to use as much of it as we need. We pay for access to the public system through our income taxes, which can make it seem like we are getting our healthcare for "free", because we often don't have to pay anything on the spot when we use it. It's a very very good system, but it does have its limitations. For example, as a public patient you may be limited in your choice of when you can be treated, where and by whom. Plus there are a range of healthcare services that private cover can help you pay for that aren't provided by the public system.

These are the top ten reasons why people choose to have private health insurance.

If any of these mean a lot to you, it might be time you joined us.

1] Security

Do you sleep better at night knowing you’ve taken care of ‘just in case’?

2] Access

Would you prefer to be in control of when you go into hospital for treatment, rather than having to sit on a waiting list?

3] Choice

Do you want the ability to choose who treats you or your loved ones if you need to go to hospital?

4] Facility

Would you be comfortable in a shared hospital ward or would you prefer the privacy of your own room?

5] Tax

If you earn over a certain amount, you will have to either pay more tax, or take out private hospital cover. Wouldn't you rather get something back for that extra expense?

6] Lifetime Health Cover

Do you want to lock in the lowest possible price for your hospital cover?

7] Reality

Can you really afford to self-insure?

8] Extras

Who’s going to help you pay for those other very important healthcare costs?

9] LIfestyle

Would you like a bit of support to help you live a healthy lifestyle?

10] Control

Here’s the bottom line, private health insurance is the ace in your pocket.