Connecting you to your health cover, 24/7

We understand that 9-to-5 Monday-to-Friday doesn't work for everyone. With our 24/7 online member centre you can manage many of the details of your health cover yourself, rather than trying to find time to get in touch with us.

It only takes a few minutes to register, and once inside, here's what you can see and do there:

  • view your claims history and track the progress of your current claims
  • check and change your 'partner authority' status
  • view correspondence
  • view previous tax statements
  • view a summary of your membership
  • look up which hospitals have a contract with us, which doctors participate in our Access Gap Cover and find a registered extras provider
  • check and change your contact details
  • check and change your bank account details
  • visit the members' library where you'll find a range of information about your health cover

If that sounds like the kind of convenience you're looking for, come on in and take a look around at our online member centre.

For more information about what you'll find in the online member centre and how it all works, download the quick guide below.

your quick guide to the rt online member centre

What's your 'partner authority' status?
If you have a 'couples' or 'family cover' you would have nominated one person as the 'main member' when you completed your application form. That is the person with full authority to manage the membership, make enquiries and sign claim forms. If your partner/spouse is also named on your membership you'll need to grant them a 'partner authority' if you want them to have all the access to the membership that you have. The only thing he or she won't be able to do is suspend or cancel the membership – only the main member can do that.

You can check and change your 'partner authority' status instantly in our online member centre, it's as simple as ticking a box.

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